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Angus Storrie


Mother Club:  Paisley St Mirren
Other Clubs:  Reform
Home Ice Rink:  Greenacres in Houston
Years Curling:  Over 40
Occupation:  Solicitor
Status:  Married with 5 children

Curling Offices Held:

  • Currently President of St Mirren (second time)
  • Past President of Reform Curling Club.

Curling Achievements:

  • Scottish Seniors Champion 2012
  • Past Winner of Provance Championship
  • Numerous Club and District Competitions and several Open Competitions.

Why I wanted to be part of the Curling Tour:
I am aware the Curling tour is every 10 years and from anecdotal stories I do not think I could cope with it 10 years from now and I love Canada. I have both worked in Canada and been on holiday in Canada on numerous occasions.  I have travelled to many weekend competitions and consider this to be one long happy weekend.


  • I am a keen golfer,
  • love ski-ing
  • enjoy watching Rugby (long time ago former player)
  • enjoying five grandchildren