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Brian Yeats

Mother Club: Aberdeen
Other Clubs: None
Home Ice Rink: Curl Aberdeen
Years Curling: 13 Years
Occupation: Landlord / Retired wireline engineer.
Status: Widowed
Curling Offices held:
  • Curl Aberdeen committee member.
  • Scottish Curling umpire committee member.
Curling Achievements:
I only started curling when I was 50 so started late in life. In that time, I have tried to give back to curling what I have got out of it.
  • Level 2 Coach, Level 3 Umpire.
  • Deputy and Chief Timer at Scottish National competitions.
  • Deputy and Chief Timer at WCF competitions.
  • Deputy and Chief Timer at PyongChang and Beijing Paralympics.
Why I wanted to be part of the curling tour:
I was lucky to play against the Canadians when they came to Scotland in 2018 and would like to play against them in Canada. I hear they are pretty good. I would like to tour Canada while I am still young enough and hopefully my body can still handle the punishment of playing and socialising, without complaining too much.
  • Curling
  • Golf
  • Walking
  • Season ticket for Aberdeen FC
  • My allotment
  • Beekeeping.