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Gavin Morton


Mother Club: Carnell
Other Clubs: Galston Haymouth
Home Ice Rink: Ayr Ice Rink
Years Curling: 45+
Occupation: Dairy Farmer till 2 years ago when I sold the milking herd to concentrate on feeding cattle and malting barley
Status: Married to the gorgeous Jeannie , 3 kids
Billy an engineer, married to Babs with grandchildren Emma , Gavin and 1 on the way.
Kirsty a chemistry whizz lives with hairy John
Lucy a PHD student who runs the family

Curling Offices held:

  • Past President Galston Haymouth
  • Past President Ayr Ice Rink

Curling Achievements: 

  • Curled in the Scottish junior tour with limited success
  • Curled in the Scottish mens tour with limited success
  • Curled in the Scottish seniors tour with limited success
  • About to have limited success in the masters tour

Why I wanted to be part of the curling tour: 

it will be a fun interesting and enjoyable life event to be part of


  • Curling obviously.
  • I enjoy all sort of sports and follow Kilmarnock football club or the Super Killie as we are known .
  • I enjoy walking , local walks not hills
  • I am a keen beekeeper with 3 hives and 150,000 girlfriends.
  • I am chairman of my local community council .
  • I Chair of the Wednesday night club, a discussion group for like minded farmers.
  • I enjoy stargazing.
  • I enjoy golf, being a member of Loudoun gowf club , the only gowf club in Scotland
    *** Gowf (Inglis: Golf) is a sport whaur the body playin the gemme tries tae dunt a smaw baw intae a bore at the end o a field cried a gowf coorse.**
  • I am a keen whisky enthusiast and enjoy getting technical with the experts at “Lochlea Distillery “ which makes the finest malt whisky in Scotland