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Keith Wilson

Third, Tour Secretary
Mother Club: Markinch
Other Clubs: Gogar Park, Carrington
Home Ice Rink: Curl Edinburgh
Years Curling: 49
Occupation: Retired Aircraft Finance Lawyer
Status: Married
Curling Offices held:
  • Director Edinburgh Curling Limited
  • Past Vice-President Carrington Curling Club
  • Vice-President Markinch Curling Club (all current)
  • Games Secretary Province of London (historic)
Curling Achievements:
  • Crabbie Trophy (Schools League) winner 1981
  • Represented University of Edinburgh 1982-4
  • Midlothian Province league winner several times
  • East of Fife Province winner
  • Rink Championship – Murrayfield winner
  • English Champion 2009
  • Finished 16th at European Championships 2009
  • English Senior Champions 2014
  • finished 5th at World Senior Championships
  • Scottish Senior Championship Quarter-finalist
  • Rusty Nail International winner five times
Why I wanted to be part of the curling tour:
The tour to Canada is almost the holy grail of Scottish curling and having played the game for the best part of 50 years and supported it strongly through-out that time it has long been an ambition. A tour is the ultimate example of that where cooperation and skills on the ice must equally be matched by sociality and camarederie off the ice. Really looking forward to it.
  • Curling (!)
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Rugby (supporting these days)
  • Photography.