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West Day One – Tunnel Town Curling Club

Morning classes at 7am at Tunnel Town Curling Club, followed by breakfast. Empress Gin provided courtesy of Daniel was administered and everyone agreed that this was a huge improvement on the cheap botanical experiment that had been used pre-departure and originally provided as a prize at Forfar CC in October. Fines and severe warnings were administered. There is no doubt that our Sheriff will be strict. Miscreants be warned!!

The first game of the morning yielded some positive results but also the worst possible outcome that could have been considered. In the second end of the morning game, Tour secretary Keith Wilson clipped a stone with his heel and fell in the house. The subsequent events don’t need reporting here in detail but the fall resulted in two ruptured tendons and the end of Keith’s playing part on the Tour. Just the most heartbreaking turn of events. Everybody is absolutely gutted.As the above events were playing out everybody else was not yet aware of the seriousness of the situation and enjoyed a nice soup and sandwich lunch. Don Giles presented gifts on behalf of Canada’s 2018 Strathcona Cup tourists. The gift was a First Nations Cedar Bentwood Box – this will be handy for keeping some pins in!! We were also each presented with a collection of his own hand made fishing flies.

Game 2 in the afternoon was going to prove to be a different challenge to Game 1. Having recorded three wins and one loss in the morning and +19 shots, the afternoon yielded some learning experiences for each team.

To be continued.