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Central Day 2

12 Jan 23.

With many a tourist’s body clock still somewhat out of sync breakfast was a leisurely affair with some guys eating very early some much later, I will leave it to you to figure out some gents ate a little later!

Anyway some very positive news to start the day all but one of the missing bags were at our hotel having miraculously made the next Toronto flight out of Heathrow.

However sad to note we are still missing one bag and goodness knows when that may catch up with its owner.

First official morning class commenced around noon time where master brewer Billy Henderson and associates dreamed up a suitable concoction for their fellow tourists, I don’t think Speyside master distillers need worry about their jobs nor do we anticipate a major drinks launch for the Sct2023 brew coming to a supermarket shelf near you soon.

We left our hotel for game one at the Toronto Cricket Club where the 5 touring teams would all play. Little bit of winter weather encountered on our route, but arrived safely.

I think the tourists on mass were suitably impressed with the club and apart from being suitably challenged on the technical difficulties of opening a padlock to access changing room lockers ( trust me this stretched the little grey cells of all 20 of us) we togged up ready for battle.

Great ice and good curling saw battle commence, central started somewhat slowly but after broom stacking it was interesting to see a significant improvement with the tourists fighting back strongly.

Canada won 3 games to the tourists 1 with one game tied.

Shot scores :- Canada 36, Scotland central tour 28, overall Scotland -8

All then enjoying the tour’s opening banquet the same evening again hosted by the cricket club.

A brief resume here.

The setting was within the rink and as you see splendid and a great buffet dinner enjoyed.

We were joined by many local representatives from the club, organising, committee and 3 ex world champions Wayne Middaugh, Ian Tetley and Graeme McCarroll. who took a well received Q & A session.

The tourists first rendition of their tour song apparently went down well or so we have been told perhaps but like their curling a little more practice is needed.

Vote of thanks given by Alan Chalmers our team captain and the day concluded.

Wow what a day what a start to the tour, the bar set very high for other venues and clubs

Alan Chalmers