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Central: Sunday 22nd – Fenelon Falls & Lakefield

We were up early but had a leisurely breakfast as we did not need to pack up today.

Morning classes were again held on the bus. The tourists are now confessing their misdemeanours to lessen the fine potential. James Young was awarded the tammy for trying to exit the building at King through a glass window rather than the more conventional door route  – with the bruising to prove it.

We received the usual rousing welcome at Fenelon Falls before we took the ice.  After a lunch of meat pie and soup we were given an interesting presentation by the Trent-Severn Waterway staff who maintain the vast network of locks, rivers and canals in this area. James Young adorned with the tammy gave the thanks.

Moving ever onwards to Lakefield – one of the venues of the inaugural Strathcona Tour in 1903.  Once again we were welcomed onto the ice, but this time were up against strong opposition and we ended up on the wrong side of a loss.

On a lighter note, our captain was booted off the top table, where he was due to sit next to the extremely glamorous local MP Michelle Ferreri. Jim Kirkwood was moved up instead.   To commemorate the 1903 tour we were presented with certificates to remember 120 years of friendly competition between our countries.

Back to Lindsay behind the snowplough – and another day done. 

Alan Chalmers