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Central: Day 9 – Mississauga

Early morning start at the Hilton Inn in Oakville with breakfast at 7am and morning class at 7.30 in the hotel. The numpty of the day tammy was awarded to Ian Duffin for locking himself out of his room at the hotel.

Billy Henderson was still nursing a sore knee after his fall earlier in the week but one of the opposition, Jim Mason from Oakville asked to have a look at it as he was a chiropracticioner.  This was agreed and Billy missed the morning game to have some treatment.

Headed off to Mississauga Golf & Country Club which was absolutely stunning. We received  a warm welcome from the club and the mayor, Bonnie Crombie. Mississauga provided strong opposition for us with 2 wins and 2 losses but a 12 shot advantage for the Scottish team.

Vote of thanks was carried out by Graham Young. 

We then moved on to Dixie Curling Club.

A very warm welcome was received again where we were piped onto the ice and both teams sang their national anthems.

Only one win and three losses leaving us with a disappointing 19 shot deficit. 

We then had a lovely meal and a few drinks with our very sociable hosts. Vote of thanks was done by Sandy Stewart. 

At 8.15 we then departed to the Hampton Inn in Bolton for an overnight stay.

Ian Drysdale