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West: Day 16 – Sutherland CC, Saskatoon

Early to bed, early to rise – so the saying goes. There are a couple of TV interviews lined up today apparently, so our skips have had an extra scrub and brush up this morning. Breakfast and morning class at the hotel and off on the bus at 8:45am. This is going to be a tough day but we are all looking forward to it.

We all had an intensely competitive morning’s curling which was really enjoyable and played with great spirit. However, we still dropped 8 shots across our 4 games in the morning.

Lunch was pierogi’s, which is a Saskatoon speciality. They are not of Canadian origin but hail from the Ukrainian background which forms such a large part of this Region’s history. One pierog (pierogi is plural) is a small semi-circular ‘dumpling’ made of dough and filled with a range of delicious ingredients.

Cameron Gaudin gave an excellent vote of thanks. Everybody really enjoyed it and appreciated his humour and positive comments. He had everyone laughing, smiling and applauding. It was fabulous – even if it did go on a bit…

The afternoon was difficult. That’s all that can be said. The scores and the games did not go our way and we dropped another 20 shots across the board. These were tough teams that Saskatoon had lined up against us and they had come to win.

We were back on the bus at 6pm and headed to the Airport to catch our flight to Winnipeg. The flight is currently delayed, so we will be arriving very late before getting up very early for a double header tomorrow. Apparently the temperature in Winnipeg will be around minus 30 degrees Celsius. Not something that many of us have experienced before. Mind you it’s minus 20 degrees here in Saskatoon just now

Stephen McClymont.