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East Tour Diary Day 21

Morning class on the bus at 10am with the plan to go to Russell curling club for the day with the early draw against Russell and later draw against Metcalfe. The Sherrif imposed several fines and awarded the Tammie to Basil Baird for “losing” Jim Barr and Doddie was given to Bruichladdich. On arrival at Russell we were welcomed by piper Stewart James, broom arch and provided with coffee. After socialising we then enjoyed a lunch of soup, sandwiches and cakes, before being piped on to the ice along with four young curlers as flag bearers. At the side of the rink there was a class of primary school children who sang the anthems and we joined in for the second verse. We presented the flag bearers with ice tops which they were delighted with. The first stone was delivered to the button by world senior champion skip Bryan Cochran. The ice was fairly fast with a decent curl and we managed wins for Dalmore, Bruichladdich and Fettercairn, although Tamnavulin lost. There was just time for a quick drink before the games against Metcalfe curling club. The opening ceremony was similar to the earlier one and the four flag bearers were presented with tour beanies. Whether it was down to fatigue or stronger opposition three teams lost and only Bruichladdich managed to record a win. The overall score for the day was plus 5 shots.

Jamie Cochran was the m/c and the top table of President Craig Scott, Pierre Leroux mayor of the Township of Russell, Jim Campbell Canadian team captain and Doug Reid were piped in. We were then served a sumptuous banquet with wine and then Jim Campbell presented us with a gift bag which included a “challenge” coin from the mayor. Entertainment was provided by member Duncan Jamieson on guitar and vocals, including getting several of us to join him in a skiffle group..We then performed our sketch, lucky shots, I have a dream and tour song to great acclaim. We all sang Auld Lang Syne and departed Russell.