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East Tour Diary Day 23

We will be playing our final game of the tour at Ottawa Hunt Club at 2.30pm, with Central playing the early session and West playing after them. We gathered in room 634 for our final session at 9.30 and whilst the room is a generous size it was pretty crowded with all 20 of us plus Dave our courier. Doug welcomed us and encouraged us to do our best to overcome our 19 shot deficit. Sheriff Rab issued a few fines and it was agreed that any final funds would be added to the Doddie foundation. The Tammie was awarded to Gavin Morton for disrespecting the Central tour and mascot Doddie was given to Bruichladdich. Doug then advised that Bill Jenkins had handed him the packaged print presented in St.Johns because shipping from New Foundland was prohibitive. Given the situation Doug requested revised bids. As buses were running every 30 minutes to the Hunt Club it was left to us when we arrived there. The majority arrived in time to support the West tour completing their games which resulted in an overall tour score of plus 5 shots to Canada. We were playing in our original teams and were piped on to the ice where we sang Flower of Scotland. The ice was reasonably fast with a good curl and we came very close to overturning our deficit, with 4 wins, including a tremendous 10 shot victory for Jura and a 3 shot loss by Tamnavulin. The overall East tour was plus 2 shots to Canada ( 778 to 780) – so close to a win!

We then changed into our number ones and enjoyed pre dinner drinks before sitting down for our final banquet with approximately 150 present. John Shea the non playing Canadian Captain and main organiser welcomed everybody and Grace was delivered by Alan Chalmers before enjoying our starter and main courses. John then introduced the top table of Jennifer Brooy, the Hunt Club Board President, Katherine Henderson, CEO of Curling Canada, the 4 Scottish tour captains and the treasurer. Jennifer Brooy welcomed all of the tourists and referred to the 120 years of Strathcona Cup history and her delight that the Hunt Club have been one of the hosts since the 1980’s. This was followed by a short speech from Katherine which included that it was a privilege to be present. The toast to King was given by Mike Ferguson, President of the RCCC and non playing tour captain Dessert was followed by the Chairman’s Remarks and toast to the Scottish curlers. This was replied to by Mike Ferguson and the 3 tour captains. John then presented the tourists with gifts which included a Canadian flag and a curling book. This was followed by the ceremonial presentation of the Strathcona Cup to Canada after which the anthems were sung and the proceedings concluded with Auld Lang Syne. The tourists drifted back to the hotel during the next hour or so.