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West Day 2 – Peace Arch & Royal City CCs

7am morning class and breakfast at Tunnel Town CC.

It seems our bus has broken down. Cars were hastily arranged to transport us to Peace Arch. We were greeted by a raucously enthusiastic crowd and walked through our first Guard of Honour with brooms. The games went reasonably well with three peels and a win.

Lunch was hosted by the Club President and this was followed by a speech from Keri Lynn Findlay, MP for South City White Rock. Lunch consisted of soup and toasted sandwiches and then we were entertained by 2018 Strathcona tourist Stan Turner who, with the backing of all the Peace Arch curlers, performed his version of “My Way” from the perspective of a Lead. We then followed with the now preferred two verse version of our song – we are getting better each time!! 

We received a gift of an embossed red scarf with pockets at either end – the suggestion being that scarves would be a requirement later on the tour. Peace Arch also very generously contributed $350 towards the cost of our breakfast on the ferry the next morning.

Bus to Royal City with Don Giles hosting. We were greeted and treated to a re-enactment of traditionally dressed musket men. Unfortunately, two or three attempts to fire proved unsuccessful with only one actually firing – this was put down to the damp weather. If only the Americans had thought to attack in the rain all those years ago..!!

The ice rink manager was dressed in black and white checked plus fours, which appeared never to have been ironed in their evidently long existence. He looked somewhat out of place but he made up for it with his enthusiasm.

Tough days curling but by the end of the day, every team had now recorded a win on Tour. We received a welcome speech from Keith Switzer, the skip of team VCC and we were gifted a bottle of 9.8% Stout each and a commemorative coin. Dinner was steak and debate ensued as to whether or not Bison was better. Bus left to return back to the hotel at 9:15pm, most took the opportunity to have an early night. Others repaired to Browns next door where we had had drinks on our arrival night.

Steven McClymont