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West Day 6 – Vernon CC

Nice long lie. Assembled in hotel lobby at 8.15am and headed across to the ice rink. After good breakfast we experienced a different version of morning class (More details and advice for future tourists will follow)

A much more relaxed atmosphere at Vernon, had a good lunch in curling gear. Better day on the ice +1 in the am and +7 in the afternoon. Could perhaps have scored better, so we need to remember this as we expect it to get tougher as we travel east.

After a quick drink back to hotel for laundry and some packing. Dinner at the rink began with a rousing bagpipe performance and greeting from President Brock Penner. After dinner John Shea gave a personal and touching speech paying tribute to Lord Strathcona and the spirit of curling. He referred to the earlier meeting of Tom Pendreigh and Canadian curler Brent Pierce who played against each other at the World’s in 2000. John presented commemorative red baseball caps to each tourist.

We performed the full tour song before tremendous entertainment by Andrew Mercer playing local folk music with guitar and hand drum. He normally plays with a 5 piece band ‘Cods Gone Wild’ (Check them out). The level of participation was amazing and we enjoyed it so much we responded with full choral renditions of Auld Lang Syne and Flower of Scotland. We noticed those who did not know the middle verse! We all said we should learn new songs as the tour progresses.

After the bar closed we continued to sing and enjoy banter and jokes – this is what makes tours special. The Sheriff was taking lots of notes tonight.

Great hospitality – next stop Kelowna.

Stephen McClymont