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East Tour Diary Day 11

At 7.15 morning class Dougie advised breakfast would be at Lady’s Slipper in Montague before heading for game 1 at Cromwell with VOT from Jim Barr and then on to game 2 at Silver Fox at Summerside with VOT from Harry Brodie. The Sherrif issued a few fines including to Fergus for returning to his room to retrieve the song books and awarded the Tammie to Dave McKay for using his nickname as a badge of honour. Tamnavulin were handed mascot Doddie for team of the day. After a good breakfast we headed to Cromwell curling club on roads that were tricky due to snow and ice. We were welcomed at the curling club by organiser George Koke and by piper Angela McDonell and the usual broom arch. We were then piped on to the ice and again sang Flower of Scotland. The four games began with Tamnavulin the bye team. There was some good curling and we ended plus 4 shots across the four games. We were served with a delicious lunch including lasagna by 9Haven Catering. There were several speeches of welcome from Mike the local politician, Jane from curl PEI, the mayor of Cornwall, club president Shauna McGiill and music from Todd McLean and Courtney Hogan. Jim Barr delivered the Vote of thanks and then it was time to leave and travel on to Sunnyside where we were welcomed by the same piper as at Cornwall, a broom arch and club president Tim Hodsun. We again sang Flower of Scotland after being piped on to the ice. After four ends all teams were in contention but we found the ice trickier the longer the ends progressed and we ended up peeling two and losing two games with an overall deficit of 12 shots. After drinks we were served up a delicious meal of soup, pork and trimmings and a chocolate mousse. We then heard speeches from Tim and Barbara Ramsay the mayor of Sunnyside and Harry Brodie delivered the vote of thanks. To entertain our hosts we performed our six man sketch, tour song, lucky shots and I have a dream.After a few more drinks it was back to our hotel in the knowledge that we could have a long lie until morning class at 9am.