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Central: Monday 16th – Ilderton & London Highland

Following breakfast we were all on the bus for 8.15 start. Morning class was held with the tour Tammy being awarded to Ian S for sleeping on the bus while we had an entire team photo at sunset over Lake Huron. 

We had a warm welcome at Ilderton being piped in and onto the ice.  Tough curling today with  three losses and one win. 

We had a nice lunch followed by a few short speeches from various people including the local mayor Aina DeVet.   Kimberly Tuck was the local organiser who along with her husband Wayne make a very successful mixed doubles team. Wayne was heavily fined by the sheriff for not being entirely truthful when asked if it was his name on the prize banners round the room!

We then took the bus to Highland Country Club in London which is a really nice club with a golf course attached. 

There was some really good curling with the tour captain making two spectacular shots in front of the whole team to peel his game! Every team member was encouraging the sweepers to make the draw!

Excellent evening in the clubhouse with a nice meal and really good company. But the highlight for many was seeing the Brier Tankard in person, and being in awe of the hundreds of legends’ names on the plinth.

Onwards and upwards.

Alan Chalmers