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East Tour Diary Day 13

At morning class on the bus at 6.45am Doug told us that we will be heading for Sussex Golf and Curling Club for our first game with breakfast on the way and then on to game 2 at Thistle St. Andrews in St. John. The Sherrif issued various fines and awarded the Tammie to himself as no other misdemeanours had been reported to him! Bruichladdich were presented with Doddie. There had been snow overnight and it was snowing when we set off on the bus. As a result the roads were pretty much deserted but our amazing driver Bob coped brilliantly with the conditions. We stopped off at a Tim Hortons for a swift carry out breakfast and carried on through the snow to Sussex Golf and Curling Club, arriving 30 minutes late. On the walk from the bus Gavin Morton slipped and fell ( captured on camera by John Sinclair). We were welcomed by Richard Sullivan and club president Peter Price and piped music, quickly changed and then were pipe musiced onto the ice, where we sang Flower of Scotland. Evan, grandson of a Cromwell curler played the first stone and with some assistance from Don Frame drew the button. The ice hall was actually above the bar and viewing level, which was quite strange. Tamnavulin were drawn to play on sheet 4 which is well known for being quirky with varying degrees of fall back. Bruichladdich and Fettercairn recorded good wins and with narrow losses by Dalmore and Tamnavulin, we ended the session 11 shots up. We then enjoyed a very good lunch of soup and sandwiches , with a further welcome from Mark Thorn the mayor of Sussex. Angus Storie gave the vote of thanks and we then boarded the bus and drove to Thistle and St. Andrews Curling Club. We were piped onto the ice and sang Flower of Scotland and O Canada. We were faced by strong opposition with the result that only Tamnavulin managed to record a win, Jura, Bruichladdich and Fettercairn all losing with an overall score of minus 9 shots. We were then treated to an excellent banquet presided over by chair of the event Jeff Stewart and club president Chadrn Gray. We heard from Mike Graham all about the Riverboat Classic, a large annual bonspiel with the first one since the pandemic having been played last October. To complete the evening we performed our sketch, I have a dream and tour song. Finally it was back on the bus to our hotel in St. John.