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East Tour Diary Day 16

At 8.45am morning class, again in the Aberdeen Room, Dougie advised that the bus will be leaving at 9.30am on the approximately six hour journey to Quebec with a planned meet up with our new courier Dave Korin. The Sherrif issued several fines including to George Bee for falling down stairs at Capital Club and forcing John Henderson to play an extra game! Tammie was awarded for a second time to Fergus Shaw and team Bruichladdich were presented with Doddie. Although a heavy fall of snow was forecast it was raining heavily as we left the hotel. Conditions deteriorated rapidly and we experienced heavy snow and hard packed ice which increased our journey time. In addition we had several occasions where we were further slowed down by two snow ploughs in convoy clearing snow. We eventually pulled in to Boston Pizza in Edmundstone ( half way point) after four hours. Progress continued to be slow and it was only over the later stages that road conditions improved. We had a further brief stop for refuelling at the outskirts of Quebec before finally arriving at Chateau Frontenac a very impressive hotel now owned by the Fairmont Group. It had been arranged to meet the Canadian organiser and courier in the hotel lobby at 7pm but as there were no signs of them by 7.10 we headed out to find a bar and somewhere to eat. Various splinter groups did their own thing, returning to the hotel early, where a few bumped into our new courier Dave in the bar.